Improving Your Personal Brand

Promoting a particular brand is something that most businesses do in order to sell products or services. However, it is an entirely different thing if what you are promoting is yourself as a professional or a service provider. And because you are on your own, every step you make should be precise because mistakes made will affect your personal brand image in the long run.

Building up your personal brand requires similar steps to usual marketing, but needs more planning and thought. This is because what you’re actually selling to your target market is yourself, including your credentials, skills and whatever it is that you can do for your clients.

Where To Begin

Building up your personal brand may look like an easy campaign on the surface, but you will need to consider a few important factors and steps in order to capitalize on this strategy and reap the rewards later on.

Here are some things where you can start off when it comes to branding yourself:

  • Know What You Can Do – In order to begin an effective branding campaign for yourself, you need to know first what you can do as a professional or specialist. Be true to yourself and never assume that you can take on responsibilities which you haven’t done in the past. Even if you only have a few core skills, you are confident that you can deliver the highest quality of service in those areas.

  • Establish A Personal Network – No matter how grand your plan is in building your personal campaign, it may not be enough to just pitch your profile to people who do not know you. This is why you need to connect to as many of your acquaintances, friends, former colleagues and relatives as possible. Within this circle you will eventually get more leads for potential clients in the future.

  • Engage in Social Media – Social media is the key in order to get as much exposure as possible in your chosen niche or expertise. There are a number of social media websites where you can build up your personal brand by sharing relevant information, providing tips, and answering questions from other social media users. Once you have been proven to be a friendly and approachable professional, you will slowly gain a small following for the services or assistance you provide.

  • Launch Your Own Website – Finally, you should be able to launch a website that is all about you. Include your best professional photo and a good-written biography to let people know more about you and your skillset even before they actually call you. If applicable, include a testimonial page to show how you have worked with other individuals in the past and helped them. Connect your website to your social media accounts so people will be assured that you actually exist.

Improving Your Personal Brand

If you have recently decided to that you would like to venture into your home based business and want to leave your day job, then it is time that you improve your personal brand by strengthening your connections and use social media. Unlike working within a company, you are on your own in this project which means every decision you make will have a direct impact to your campaign.

Because of this, you may need to get professional help and advice from someone who has already done this in the past and is continuing to build up his personal brand. In this particular type of promotion, hands-on experience is crucial in order to provide you steps which actually work.

My best advice is to not outsource your social media campaign.  Always make sure that your personal brand is believable and sincere.  It will come through on your campaign. If different people are posting on your social media sites, then different writing styles and beliefs will come through and it will confuse your followers because they cannot identify your personal brand as easily.

When I started, I began with my website, www,  After that I slowly began starting other social platforms to get begin building my personal brand.  I started slowly and now I have my routines down so that I can show the “real me” on Twitter, LinkedIn, and my blog by posting content daily or weekly.  Always remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content is about your industry and how you can inform others, and 20% is about marketing yourself.

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