Unleashing Your Full Potential With Life Coach Dave Shepp

  • Top 10 Life Coaching Lessons of 2019

    Top 10 Life Coaching Lessons of 2019 As I have worked with my clients this year I have uncovered several common problems or situations among them. ...
  • Compelling Reasons For Developing A Business Plan First

    Before you take any actions in relation to your business, you should first make a business plan. Here are a number of reasons why completing this step is crucial:
  • How To Begin Using Visualization For Greater Success

    This is where things become more interesting. Once you have painted a picture of the situation and the people, you will now visualize how you would...
  • The Master Key To Living A Healthy Lifestyle

    I was almost 400 pounds.

    In the last 3 years, I have lost 175 pounds and 40% body fat.  The main reason I have lost this is that I learned that...

  • 3 Qualities For Developing Spiritual Wellness

    Have you ever experienced being physically and emotionally drained in dealing with a particular problem that the only practical thing to do is give up? Do you feel your emotions are too unstable to be able to push you in the right direction?
  • How To Leverage Social Media In Your Business

    With the help of the Internet, social media is now at its peak and through this it takes only a few ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ for a particular topic to become popular. But do you know you can also use social media for startup business help?
  • How To Create Your Own Wellness Program

    Most people tend to overlook the importance of a wellness program, especially when they are too busy with work, family, or their studies. They are too engrossed in what they are currently doing, making other goals a priority.
  • 5 Things You Should Know About Outsourcing

    Have you just started running your own business, and you’re already finding it difficult to finish everything that needs to be done? Do you need help on the operational part of your business while you deal with your core competencies? If this is the case, outsourcing may be for you.
  • 4 Secrets To Keeping A Positive Mindset

    Have you ever felt so helpless in a particular situation and you feel that you can’t do anything about it? Do you often find yourself giving up right away when facing a tough challenge? If you experience these things, remember that the problem is not that you can’t get the job done, but that you have work on improving your mindset.
  • 5 Tips For Living An Inspired Life

    Do you want to achieve a certain goal but you just can’t find the right ingredient that would fuel your desire to finish it? Are you taking too long in accomplishing a particular task that you are starting to worry you won’t complete it at all? If you have these problems, then you probably lack inspiration.
  • Is Entrepreneurship For Me?

    Do you feel that your current source of income as an employee will not take you anywhere near your goals and the life you dream of? Are you getting tired of just following policies without being able to choose what you want to do and what you want to accomplish?
  • Startup Business Help - Is Crowdfunding For Me?

    Startup Business Help – Is Crowdfunding For Me?   Are you planning to start a business but you can’t think of a way to secure enough funding right...